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Conversation with Skywalker and why he will probably riding a Tauntaun from now on:

“The neighbor says the car has a slipping clutch” I tell Skywalker as we are getting ready in the morning. “What is a slipping clutch?”
He does not answer and continues to brush his teeth.
“Since it already is in the mechanic…Maybe we can have it checked? “ I ask.
“Why did she say that? What happened exactly?”
“It went taca-taca-taca and it trembled a little bit.”
“When I drive it there is no shaking. You probably didn’t shift correctly.”
I am holding on to my toothbrush. What does he mean?
“If you are not in the right gear the car shakes.” He says.
“I have been driving stick for seventeen years. I know what you mean. This was different.”
“I usually don’t mention it…but you don’t shift correctly.”
“I was at a complete stop. Zero. Nada. STOP. I geared into first, the car stalled. I know how to shift gears. We need to get it checked…and if it’s too much money. Is it worth fixing?”
“You really should learn how to shift gears.” Skywalker says.
“Is that also why it overheated?” I ask. What???
“The radiator was completely dry. We’ve been over it. You needed to check the radiator” He shakes his head.
“Well, since it is in the mechanic have them check the clutch.”
“If only you shifted gears correctly.”
“Oh, Skywalker, if only you did!”

Our conversation ended there. For the record I do know how to drive a stick shift car…it is all I’ve ever driven.

A quick Google search tells me that 20% tom30% of Americans know how to drive a stick shift. I wonder how many are women.

Do you know how to drive a stick shift?


2 Responses to Oh, no you didn’t just tell me I don’t know how to shift gears

  1. Sara says:

    Stopping by from the alexa hop. I drive a stick also and my boyfriend tells me I am not good at it and need to learn as well. I’m pretty sure he just likes to drive my car (it’s a sports car and he drives a truck) so he just says that to make me let him drive haha.

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