I’m at Starbucks waiting for my ride and just realized: My son is a genius! Or a psychic. Or both! He did tell me a couple of days ago to get a new car and I should have listened.

Yesterday on my drive back home the car overheated at the intersection where if I turn right I am home and if I turn left I’m at my son’s school. I decided to drop the car off at home and run to his school in 90 degree weather. Better to be sweaty and pushing a stroller than stranded with a hungry kid in the middle of the road. (I am starting to see all this exercise as a bonus gift from my car)

This of course means that the car will have to go back to the garage. The thought that it might need a new radiator is nerve wrecking. I am praying that is something as simple as a hose. But of course this brings on the the perennial question: should we have another major repair on the car or should we just buy a new one?

Yes, the car is paid for.
Yes, we don’t have the monthly payments.
Yes, we just spent a wad of cash fixing the engine.
Yes, it should last another ten years.
But no, I don’t want to be roaming around on foot for another month.
No, there is no way we’ll get as much money back as we’ve spent fixing it.
No, we don’t know for sure this will be the last thing going wrong with it.
And most importantly, NO, I don’t want the car dying in the middle of I-75 or 95 when I’m driving my son around.

But I hate myself for wanting a newer car. I feel like I’m betraying it. How I am going to explain this to my old car after all we’ve shared? Should I go with the “Hey, it’s not you. It’s me. I am going through a midlife crisis and want a newer car that gives me 40 MPG and has no wrinkles – and though we’ve tried botox and liposuction on you, you are still an old lady with rollup windows and a tape player.”

My ride is here. My coffee is gone. I am still left with the following questions:

-When is it time to buy a new car?
-How do you let go of an object you’ve shared so much with?
-What are your options?
-How do I start?

6 Responses to Is it time?

  1. Eugenia says:

    Learning how to let go of objects can be difficult sometimes as we tend to attach memories to things. But think about it, you will always have your memories!

  2. Cinnamon says:

    I never worry about my car as long as there is a mechanic in my life…LOL So while I was divorced for 13 years (before I met my now hubby) I had to try to keep a decent car in possession. Didn’t always work, and I drove some POS’s, but as in all things in life…..it’s part of the adventure. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision for you and your family.

    Thanks for stopping by the Hut today !

    • admin says:

      It is part of the adventure and sometimes it adds a bit of spice! The car this year seems to be an ongoing conversation so a new one is in the works. Thank you for reading and stopping by!! :D

  3. Ces says:

    hi, i found your blog from a blog hop. I followed you in twitter.

    cute story!

    btw, i have an ongoing giveaway on my blog and I would be glad if you enter

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